Dave Elman Legacy Global Zoom Conference

June 11th, 12th and 13th, 2021

9am-9pm EST


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About Dave Elman and the Elman Legacy Global Zoom Conference

The Dave Elman Medical Hypnosis Course was attended by thousands of physicians, dentists and psychiatrists from 1949-1962. Dave and Pauline Elman traveled around the US, teaching a 10 week course, until Dave’s heart attack in 1962. During this time, an evolution of Dave Elman’s techniques was brought about and enhanced by the collaboration with the physician and dentist students. The ‘students’ field tested methods as they worked with their patients and would then share their successes and failures with the class. Successes would at times be added to the Course Syllabus. Thus he course material kept evolving.

Dave Elman produced audio recordings of the Course by using live recordings in the classroom during the late 1950’s. After his heart attack he was unable to travel but continued to brain-storm techniques with his former students via telephone, a practice which continued until his death. In 1964, he published his book, “Findings in Hypnosis” now published as “Hypnotherapy” which is considered one of the classic hypnosis books and is required reading for many hypnosis courses.  Dave devised a rapid induction which he referred to as his ‘3-minute routine’ and is known today as the Dave Elman Induction (D.E.I.). Many schools teach it, and many hypnotists use it as their go-to induction because it is highly effective and has world-wide appeal.

This Conference is a Celebration of the legacy of Dave Elman and his hypnosis methods plus to continue to build upon them. Dave and Pauline Elman ensured, via their Course, that medical professionals throughout the United States would be able to combine and expand knowledge of Medical Hypnosis. Today this exchange of Medical Hypnosis knowledge can now be global through the magic of Zoom! Featured Speakers and global presenters will bring alive the Dave Elman experience as it influenced them personally and professionally, and will look at his work in current terms. Thus, the Evolution of Hypnosis continues as Dave Elman’s ongoing influence is documented today.

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  • Do you miss meeting and chatting in the hallway or at the Bar or Restaurant?   There will be a Social Hall open at all hours where you can visit and chat, with both planned and unplanned activities.
  • Do you have any of your own stories of how Dave Elman’s works influenced you in your career, life or practice? There will be an opportunity for you to share your experience using our Guest Book which will be permenantly posted on our site and be part of continuing and evolving this Dave Elman Legacy.

There are several new innovative ways we are exploring to enhance that person to person experience we miss with online events.

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DEHI Conference Speakers

Now With SIX Featured Keynote Presenters!

Sean Michael Andrews (FL, USA)

Sean brought H Larry Elman into this hypnosis community when he came to interview Dave Elman’s son, and encouraged the NGH to have Larry speak at their 2009 Conference.   He also became Cheryl’s instructor plus Sean and Larry produced 2 DVD sets together and co-instructed several times. He is the Supervising Instructor at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and he has taught in 17 countries on 6 continents. Sean is passionate at Instant and Rapid Inductions, is a stage hypnotist, a clinician, a patient Instructor, an author and is humble yet known as the ‘world’s fastest hypnotist’. He has published on online newsletter steadily for a decade.

Sean Michael Andrews claims that he ruined Larry and Cheryl’s retirement.   We say he gave us a phenomenal lifestyle and a great community and we are grateful that he was persistent in finding Dave Elman’s son.

Jason Linett (USA)

Larry and Cheryl Elman have been friends with Jason Linett since we appeared on the scene. We have been guests at his meet-ups, taught a Best Practices of Dave Elman weekend class together in 2014, taught a joint 9-day Master Hypnosis class in 2015 and we have had the key to his office for almost 10 years (Not that it helps now!) Ask him about our first conversation!

Jason Linett is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, full-time professional hypnotist, and the host of the WORK SMART HYPNOSIS PODCAST, a program which has been downloaded more than a millions times worldwide in more than 100 countries. He was awarded as the “Hypnotist of the Year’ by the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. He has previously delivered inspirational hypnotic keynotes at HypnoThoughts LIVE, the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, the Canadian Hypnosis Conference, and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. His programs, HYPNOTIC WORKERS and HYPNOTIC BUSINESS SYSTEMS are used by thousands of professional hypnotists world-wide, and he co-trains the ICBCH Train-the-Trainer Program. Jason is also the host of the HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE HACKS podcast, teaching online entrepreneurs the power of hypnotic communication for ethical business influence. While building a successful business is a great goal to strive toward, Jason is most proud of his ability to do so and be at home each night with his wife and two children.

larry elman hypnosis

H. Larry Elman (USA)

Larry Elman is the CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, a retired Air Force colonel, an Aeronautical Engineer from M.I.T. (SB), Oklahoma University (MS), and Renssaleur Polytech (partial doctorate), and he is the son of Dave Elman. Larry took his father’s Medical Hypnosis course, along with the doctors and physicians, three times when he was a teenager. For the past 12 years, he has traveled to 17 countries to present at conferences and teach classes on the Dave Elman Hypnosis Methods. Since COVID has restricted travel, Cheryl and Larry have been teaching via zoom with a wide global audience.   This conference has been his dream and to record this event tracks the evolution of his dad’s methods and through all attending honoring the Legacy of Dave Elman

Nicole Wackernagel-Holzer (Switzerland)

Larry and Cheryl met Nicole at our 2012 DEI Centennial Celebration Seminar hosted by Hansruedi Wipf in Zurich, Switzerland. We became friends. She was shy and lacked confidence but was passionate about hypnosis and Dave Elman’s methods.   She had an office in a Dental Clinic and in a short time she built it into a full-time practice. Nicole worked extensively with Sean Michael Andrews while he was in Germany for several years. Three years later, Larry, Sean and I invited Nicole to become a participant in our first graduating Dave Elman Trainers class held in Denmark. Shortly after becoming an Elman Trainer, she became a Goulding SleepTalk for Children Trainer. Each time, Nicole would ask us, “you think I can do that?”

Over the years, Nicole has grown into a confident trainer, Presenter and Keynote Speaker, she is passioned to support other hypnotist and hypnotherapist to get confident and successful in their profession. Today she is the founder and owner of the Swiss Hypnosis Institute which has several partner famous hypnosis Institutes around the globe.

Sheila Granger (UK)

Larry and Cheryl Elman met Sheila Granger in 2011 at the Shepperton Film Studios outside London. Throughout the years we would rendezvous at conferences in the US and abroad. Cheryl and Sheila also collaborated on some projects and classes plus Sheila hosted Larry and Cheryl for their first Zoom Course, which was exciting and eye-opening.

Sheila is a multi-award winning hypnotherapist, business-owner, and a transformational leader in personal and business development. She has been described as “Britain’s leading hypnotist” and “A creator of programs that work like magic”. Sheila was recognised for her work by the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association with the “Hypnotist Of The Year” award in 2019.

She is the creator of the widely acclaimed Virtual Gastric Band weight loss program and, is also the author of two Amazon best selling books, No More Diets and How To Build A Hypnotherapy Business. A professional guest and keynote speaker at conferences around the world, Sheila has delivered training to over 2500 hypnosis practitioners in 16 countries.

Sheila built an internationally successful hypnotherapy business from scratch and her growth has been peppered with awards. Her mission now is to educate, motivate, help and inspire other hypnotherapists to achieve more than they ever thought possible with their own businesses.

Hansruedi Wipf (Switzerland)

The Elmans met Hansruedi Wipf at the NGH Conference in August 2011. He discussed with Larry the two of them teaching a joint seminar Celebrating the Centennial of the Dave Elman Induction, He then sat down with Cheryl to discuss dates. We were already booked to speak in Australia on that weekend, but he convinced Cheryl to stop in Zurich, Switzerland on the way to Sydney. (Which was so NOT on the way to Australia! Lol)   Hansruedi is the President & Owner of OMNI Hypnosis International, Bestselling Author of 4 books on the subject of hypnosis, organizer of the Zurich Hypnosis Convention, and the successor of Gerald F. Kein who was the major student of Dave Elman.

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Plus Over 90 Worldwide Speakers!



Alberto Dell’Isola (Brazil)
Amber Cox (USA)
Beryl Comar (Spain/Dubaii)
Bruno Tricarico (Brazil)
Christophe Pank (France)
Daniel Ghanimé (Lebanon)
David Quigley (USA)
Dr Brice LeMaire (France)
Dr, Bruce Eimer (USA)
Elisabeth Jensen (AU)
Gilbert Wong (HK)
Justine Lette (NZ)
Lauren Hall (USA)
Luis Lamim (Brazil)
Rick Green (USA)
Rob DeGroof (Belgium)
Roy Cantrell (USA)

Alan Barsky (USA)
Ali Campbell (Scotland)
Andrew Hardwick (NZ)
Anthony Jacquin (UK)
Barbara Scholl (Switzerland)
Betsy Lehman ( USA)
Bob Burns (Scotland)
Caryn Seavitte-Bird (USA)
Claire de Lavarre (Scotland/USA)
Dan Cleary (USA)
Denise Oatley Hall (USA)
Don Spencer (USA)
Dr. Agata G. Moody (New Zealand)
Dr. Benedito Filho (Brazil)
Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks (UK)
Dr. Melanie Modjoros (USA)
Dr. Monica Dahl (USA)
Dr. Munir Ravalia (UK)
Dr. Sue Peacock (UK)
Emma Reynolds (Wales)
Eric Banks (USA)
Eric Rosen (USA)
Eugen Popa (Romania)
Fabio La Selva (Brazil)
Garry Coles (UK)
Giancarlo Russo (IT)
Grant Murrell (UK)
Hansruedi Wipf (Switzerland)
Helen Brewerd (UK)
Helen Mitas (AU)
Hypno Heather (CAN)
Ines Simpson (CAN)
James Hazelrig (USA)

Janet Rapala ( USA)
Juan Acosta (USA)
Karen Hand (USA)
Karl Smith (UK)
Kaz Riley (UK)
Ken Guzzo (USA)
Laiz Ricci (Brazil)
Lance Baker (AU)
Lori Hammond (USA)
Luis Lamim (Brazil)
Marco Sacco & Roger Woods (USA)
Melissa Roth (USA)
Michael DeShalit (USA)
Michael Stevenson (USA)
Pamela O’Leary (AU)
Patricia Scott (USA)
Randi Light (USA)
Rich Guzzi (USA)
Richard Nongard (USA)
Roy Hunter (USA)
Ryan Montis (CAN)
Seth-Deborah Roth (USA)
Sharon Waxkirsh (UK)
Shelley Stockwell Nicholas (USA)
Stephanie Conkle (USA)
Stin-Niels Musche (Germany)
Susan Henderson (AU)
Tim Horn (USA)
Tom Nicoli (USA)
Tracy Adams (USA)
Turan Mizra (Northern Ireland)
Victoria Gallagher (USA)
Wendy Merron (USA)

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