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I just wanted to say that it’s been a real pleasure meeting both you and Larry over the past few years at HypnoThoughts and again at the Mid American Hypnosis Conference and today at my friend Karl Smith’s Super Sunday Master Class. I feel you both interact with the audience in a way that other just aren’t able. Your great family heritage of hypnosis, your own experience, who you are as people, your thoughtful economy of use yet the importance of the right use, and the reasons behind them, your wisdom and encouragement and not forgetting your humour (spelt that the British way, haha) are a unique and wonderful blend. You are precious people. I’m grateful to know you both! Thank you once again!

Grant Murrell

International Speaker, Trainer, Success Coach & Hypnotist

When I think of heroines in this era, Ms. Cheryl Elman’s name is top of mind. If it wasn’t for Ms. Elman’s amazing graciousness and dynamic personality, I would not have passed my final exams to become a successful hypnotherapist. Her willingness to drop everything and help me on the spot on more than one occasion (even when she had never met me nor spoken to me prior ) is a testimonial in and of itself as to just how much of a humanitarian spirit she possesses. I have more than one fascinating story starring Ms. Elman and that noble husband of hers, Mr. Larry Elman, that will put a smile on your face… but those tales are better left for the upcoming video; they are heartwarming but lengthy and make for a good glass of wine with a relaxed listen.
Since my initial contact with Ms. Elman several years ago, I have more recently had the pleasure of coming to know her through a business network we shared during covid lockdown. I truly cannot think of a more fun, down to earth, supportive and endearing soul. Her dedication to her work, her husband Larry and the Elman family legacy, speaks for itself. These are some of the finest, most illustrious professionals in our field who continue to contribute over and over again to hypnotherapy in all its forms. Anyone considering studying or working with Ms. Cheryl Elman, Mr. Larry Elman or The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute in any capacity has my 100% promise they are golden and your life and hypnotherapy career will only be greatly enriched due to this amazing couple and their ongoing stunning contributions to the greater work.

Sue Leocha Sadowski

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist & Metaphysical Avatar

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