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  • Dave Elman Induction (2 DVD Set or Flash Drive Version)


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  • Dave Elman Induction Centennial Celebration *1912-2012* (4 DVD Set or Flash Drive Version)


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  • HYPNOSIS Best Practices of Dave Elman (4 DVD Set or Flash Drive Version)


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  • SMA-Amazing Inductions

  • SMA-Deepening the Trance

  • SMA-Getting Business with Ladies Gyms


  • SMA-Instant & Rapid Inductions-2nd Edition- 3 dvd set


    Imagine super-rapid hypnotic techniques so powerful that they will work on virtually anyoneyou want to hypnotize, whether it’s a client you’ve known for a long time or a complete stranger at a party.  You will be amazed at how quickly and how well these inductions work!


    Sean Michael Andrews’s all new,  second edition  “Instant and Rapid Inductions” DVD will take you step by step through the entire process of performing instant and rapid inductions, starting with a short yet sure-fire pre-talk which convinces your subject that they will have awonderful experience in hypnosis!


    Suggestibility testing is a great ice-breaker for party and street situations.  Learn these techniques which your audience will thoroughly enjoy, and will help you spot the best subjects.  Many of these can also be turned into inductions, and Sean shows you exactly how! –


    –          Arms Rising and Falling

    –          The Spiegel Eye Roll Test

    –          The Hand Clasp

    –          Finger Magnets


    Just think – you can easily learn how to safely and effectively perform all of these inductions, and in which settings each works best:


    –          The Dave Elman Induction – traditional, shortened, instant and group variations;

    –          The Hand Drop Induction;

    –          The Arm Pull Induction – two styles;

    –          The Handshake Interrupt;

    –          The Finger Snap Induction


    This all-new second edition also contains more subtle Ericksonian-style inductions such as:


    –          The Ambiguous Touch

    –          The Handshake Interrupt


    And you find out not only how to perform these inductions, but why you do them the way you do, including:


    –          Safety – why it should be the number one concern for anyone performing instant and rapid inductions, and hints and techniques to help you, the hypnotist,check for any concerns your subjects may have;

    –          Why semantics – the words you use – are so important;

    –          How to spot the best subjects;

    –          How to troubleshoot when things don’t go as expected;

    –          How to know exactly how deep your subject is.



    This all-new, updated three DVD set contains these valuable techniques not covered in the first edition:


    –          A foolproof method to get permission to touch your subjects;

    –          The Distraction Filter – whether you’re on the street, the stage, or even in your therapy office, you can never completely control the environment.  Learn how to help your subjects tune out all distractions and stay deeply hypnotized, even in the loudest, busiest settings!

    –          Deepening techniques, powerful adjuncts which will send your subjects even deeper into hypnosis, such as:

    o        The head roll deepener;

    o        The Vogt deepener;

    o        The 10 down to 1 deepener;

    o        And many more!


    –          Dealing with awkward situations:

    o        Failure to emerge

    o        Abreactions

    o        Hypnotic hangover


    Instant inductions are valuable not only to street hypnotists, but also to hypnotherapists and stage hypnotists for demonstrating hypnosis and as powerful convincers.  Even if you’ve been fortunate enough to attend one of Sean’s classes in person, this three DVD set isinvaluable to have on hand to continually review and refresh your knowledge.


    So what are you waiting for?  Order the all new second edition “Instant and Rapid Inductions” 3 DVD set for only $149.00, and watch your success rate go through the roof!

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    “You are going to be so surprised at how easy it is to learn this stuff!!”

    -Sean Michael Andrews


    Here is the new video I promised you. This has not been published before!


    Here are some early reviews:

    I just received your new 3 DVD set of Instant and Rapid Inductions. And it is my great pleasure to recommend this product. I must admit ~ I have been blessed with the priceless opportunity to learn the mind blowing, uncontested techniques that you bring to your training and now that same quality can be seen in your products. We, Hypnotists, are very fortunate to have your incredible talent, skills and teachings that you enrich us with. I highly recommend Sean Michael Andrews training and products… As I watched the DVD’s I was impressed with the fact that each Induction is explained thouroually with precise wording techniques and many examples… I love this… also found that it appeals to any person, whether they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Disc number 3 is priceless. It explains all the things that a Hypnotist whether their primary source of income is stage or clinical will need to know in the course of their career. Congratulations Sean hard to believe but you topped your former products.… a DVD set you will refer to again and again, a must have – go get these DVD’s…Kenda Summers. ~ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. – April 2011.


    Yay! We can finally throw out those long and boring progressive muscle relaxation inductions! Sean Michael Andrew’s Instant and Rapid Inductions has become permanent fixture in my hypnosis treasure trove. No matter what level of hypnosis training or experience one has, from the amateur “hobby hypnotist” to the more seasoned veterans, everyone can benefit from his videos and easily learn how to do these instant inductions and deepening techniques. This set is a great value of 3 DVDs packed with expert information that I was able to really benefit from.

    Sean’s teaching method is real world, down to earth, and easy to understand. It’s so much fun to watch, that I found myself nodding my head and laughing along with him. Most hypnosis trainings videos I have seen in the past have the instructor standing in a room in front of a white board teaching to a room of bored students. (This is not that, thankfully!) Sean is so genuine, I was engaged by him from the moment I started watching and found myself wanting more when it was over.

    Sean’s video moves fluently as the shots cut from him in a classroom setting, to office setting, to out in the real world performing these techniques on perfect strangers in a park. There are enough tight shots to really see the techniques up close for a better understanding of what he is doing. (For instance, seeing the Ambiguous Touch close up finally gave me an true understanding of how to properly do this technique.) That’s another way these videos are set apart from the other lesser ones out there, in addition to his charm and teaching style.

    I only endorse hypnosis products I believe in and can stake my reputation on, and I feel so confident of the value of Sean’s teachings that I fully recommend and suggest this product to anyone who desires to quickly advance in hypnotic knowledge. Let the World’s Fastest Hypnotist reveal to you how he does it!

    Stephanie C. Conkle C.Ht.