Sleep Talk for Children

The Goudling Sleep Talk for Children Process is one of the most creative and unique lesson plans that we have available at the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. Many parents have children that struggle with confidence, concentration and behavioral issues, and the Goulding Sleep Talk for Children Process is a safe and non-intrusive way to naturally help your children become the best version of themselves that they can be.

With the techniques taught in our Sleep Talk for Children courses, we can teach you how to improve your child’s life in only minutes a day. Using the power of suggestion and hypnosis, you will learn how to make positive suggestions to your child, improving their self confidence and inner strength. Once learned and applied regularly and correctly, Parents can expect to see long term positive changes in their child’s behavior like improved focus, better concentration and corrected behaviour.

The Process consists of three main Phases, which all build on top of one another. The First Step (The Foundation) focuses on improving everyday aspects of a child’s life, such as Children’s Anxiety, Happiness, Self Esteem & Confidence. The Second Step (The Bridge) is focused on corrective therapy and aims to Rectify Poor Habits, Decrease Separation Anxiety, and Deter Sibling Rivalry & Temper Tantrums. And finally, the Third Step concentrates on specific specialized issues. This aim of this step is different for every family but it has been used with great success to Address Behavioural & Development Disorders like Speech, Sleeping, Toileting or Eating (Ideal for Children on the spectrum or with ODD – ADHD – OCD)

So contact us today to see how we can help you improve both your and your child’s life!