Take Your Seat Among the Legends of Hypnosis at the 3rd Annual Dave Elman Global Zoom Conference

Live Online January 19-21, 2024


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Cheryl and Col. H. Larry Elman

Founders of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Training Institute
and Hosts of the Dave Elman
Legacy Conference


Come Get a “MINDSET RESET” With the World’s Most Accomplished Practitioners

Dave Elman was a radical. 

Imagine this: You’re a former radio-show host. You’re sitting in a sterile classroom filled with doctors and nurses …

And you’re teaching them how to do surgery without anesthesia. 

Who would you need to be to have the courage (and the cajones 😁) to change a paradigm like that?

Simple. You’d need to be someone who is 1000% convinced of the power of the mind — when it’s in skilled hands. 

Now we’re ready to help you achieve a radical sense of hypnosis confidence at our 3rd annual Dave Elman Global Zoom Conference. 

It’s coming up online January 19-21, 2024.

We’re gathering together many of the most notable hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the world for 3 days of live training.

From the comfort of your home, you’ll experience a refreshing Mindset Reset as you explore all the new tools and techniques at your disposal.

You, too, can become a radical agent of change … in the most inspiring way. 

Meet Your Legendary Featured Speakers

Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar (Spain, Dubai)

“Thousands of Questions
Still to Be Answered”

Beryl Comar is the author of HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists. 

Her courses include The Broken Heart Cure, Hypnosis with Kids and Teens, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, EQ Essentials for Hypnotherapists, HypnoDontics, NLP, Hypnosis Certifications and Parts Therapy.  

With Master’s degrees from both the UK and USA, she has worked in Africa and the Middle East as a school principal and university teacher trainer. 

Today she trains globally online. She’s also a trainer for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.

larry elman hypnosis

Dr. Brice Lemaire (France)

“Managing Dental Phobia Using
the Elman Technique”

Dr. Brice Lemaire is the creator of the postgraduate in dental hypnosis at the University of Nice (France), and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute France.  

A dental surgeon, speaker, and trainer in hypnosis, he’s the author of books on Elmanian hypnosis, hypnodontics, and the history of hypnosis. 

This presentation will show a clinical video of a dental phobia session using the Elmanian technique, which eliminated the patient’s fear in just one session.

Dr. Richard Nongard (USA)

“Dave Elman’s Keys to
Hypnotic Confidence” 

Dr. Richard Nongard is an innovative leader in the field of psychotherapy and hypnosis.

Over the last 35+ years he’s trained thousands of professionals,  including ministers, medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, family therapists, hypnotherapists and professional counselors, in ways to serve their clients even better.

He’s the author of many textbooks and resources in clinical hypnotherapy. He’s also a frequent conference and keynote speaker, and he maintains a busy private practice.

Tom Nicoli (USA)

“Riding the Wave With Resilience:
A Hypnotist’s Mindset Reset Journey”

Tom Nicoli is a nationally recognized radio and television guest whose work has been featured on Dateline NBC, national radio shows, and newspapers and print publications such as Shape magazine.

He’s a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an NGH Certified Instructor, a Certified Instructor Coach, an NGH Advisory Board Member, an Order of Braid Council Member, and an adjunct faculty member. 

He is also certified as a Personal Development Coach with the International Guild of Professional Coaches and Consultants.

Heather Keys (Canada)

“Evolve or Die: Navigating Change, Technology and Expanding Consciousness”

Embark on a transformative journey — tailored to hypnosis professionals — where we delve into innovative methods aligning with human consciousness.

Leverage modern technology to not just enhance but revolutionize your practice, ensuring sustainability and profitability while fostering deep-rooted transformations in client work.

Meet Heather Keys, aka “Hypno Heather.” She has 12 years of experience and over 7,000 sessions, earning international recognition in hypnotherapy.

Her remarkable pivot in 2020, transitioning her entire practice and certification courses online, equips her to lead others in successfully evolving their hypnosis businesses for 2024 and beyond.

Join us on this journey where thriving isn’t just an option; it’s the foundation for sustained success in the world of hypnotic work and hypnosis business.

Kaz Riley

Kaz Riley (United Kingdom)

“Unlocking Sensual Bliss for Our Clients:
A Mindset Reset for Rediscovering
Sensual Pleasure”

As the host of “Trancing in the Sheets” and Mid-America Hypnotist of the Year in 2019, Kaz Riley is the founder and creator of Sexual Freedom Hypnosis, which is taught worldwide.

An award-winning international hypnotherapist and educator, she’s recognized as a leading expert in sexual freedom, sexual dysfunction, and kink-friendly hypnotherapy.

She has also earned an excellent reputation for her work with clients — and her specialist training and mentoring programs for hypnotherapists.

Dozens of Other Expert Hypnotists
Will Expand Your Skills and Your Client Base!

Sheila Granger — “Reset Your Marketing Mindset With AI”

Andrew Hardwick — “Case Studies From Hypnotic Chi: A Therapeutic Blend of Tai Chi and Hypnosis

Sharna Brook — “Creating Unique Tangible Anchors”

Dr. Brice Lemaire — “Managing Dental Phobia Using the Elman Technique”

Justine Lette — “Who We Are In Our HOT Moments: 5 Easy Steps to Memory Reconsolidation” 

✔  Dr. Brian Pound — “Medical Miracles: Healing Through Hypnosis”

Ingeborg Momberg — “Helping Families and Children With Disabilities and Behavioral and Emotional Disturbance”

Kryssa Marie Bowman — “It’s Not About You! Removing Your Ego From Your Clients’ Hypnosis Sessions”

Pam Mills — “The Hallway Protocol for Kids & Teens: Releasing the Past Without Retriggering Trauma”

Christophe Dierckx — “Flow of Life: How to Overcome Complex Problems”

April NorrisTransforming Victim Mentality: How My Client’s Past-Life Story Changed My Life

Lance Baker — “Animal Magnetism: Hypnosis’ Roots in Energy Healing

Alberto Dell’Isola — “Therapeutic Writing: Unlocking Emotional Healing Through Pen and Paper

Amber Rose Cox — “Emotional Rewind of the Mind: Empowering Clients In Your Pre-Talk”

Christophe Pank — “Effectiveness of Associated Trances: Working With Hyperempiria”

Dr. Steve G. Jones — “Dr. Steve’s Recipe for Scrambled Memories: Free Yourself From Your Past So You Can Create the Future You Want”

Helena Jehnichen — “IBS Relief by Resetting the Mind: Unlocking the Gut-Brain Miscommunication”

Laiz Ricci — “Recycling Mindset and Focus”

Linda Hayes-Cooper — “The OMG (Oh My Gasmic) Birthing Process: It’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain”

Michael Watson — “MINDGAMES: Neurobics and Mental Conditioning”

Roger Moore — “The Last Lullaby: The Role of Medical Hypnosis in End-of-Life Comfort”

Claire de la Varre — “Rewind Your Mind: An In-Depth Look at One of the Most Useful Hypnotic Tools”

Stephanie Conkle — “Easy and Effective Pre-Induction Resistance Clearing”

Ruth Schneider  — “Using Personality Type to Create Suggestions That Are Accepted Without Resistance”

Larry Garrett  — Skills of Knowing Your Client:  Can you know your client without words spoken?

Cheryl J Elman — ”Resetting Family Dynamics With the Goulding Method of SleepTalk”

Jason Linett — “Stop Hearing ‘I Can’t Afford That’”

Larry Elman — ”Mindset Reset – Dave Elman Back and Forth With Hypnosis”



Bob Burns50 Years Later: Building a New Hypnotherapy Practice In a New Town

Seth-Deborah RothUsing Hypnosis for Better Surgery Outcomes

Albert Bramante — “Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot! Ending Self Sabotage”

Lori Hammond — “The Becoming Room: The Ultimate Parts Therapy Protocol”  

Jennifer Ibbotson Rodriguez — “The Future of Hypnosis is Limitless: Are Your Sessions Stuck In the Past?”

Helen Breward — “Let Me Tell You a Story: How to Tell Stories and Love It

Jordi Martinez Parramon — “Pain Control With Hypnosis and Noesitherapy in Oncologic Patients”

Turan Mirza — “Stepping into the Client’s Mind: Putting the Client’s Thoughts First and Helping Them Change Using Their Imagination

Steve Woods — “Gold Medal Hypnosis – Its a Knockout! Unlock the Secrets of Peak Performance

Dr. Kate Beaven-Marks — “HypnoDough: Tactile Approaches for Insight and Change

Randi Light — “Intuitive Activation Hypnosis: Strategies, Inductions & Processes For You & Clients To Easily Access Your Inner Genius

Brenda Gray — “Parallel Universes: The Sequel”

Garry Coles — “Will The Evolution of Hypnotherapy Be Psycho-neuroimmunology? The Latest Evidence on Altering Your Immune System With Hypnotherapy

Debbie Papadakis — “The Relationship Code: Heal Your Wounded Heart”

Eugene Popa — “The Puzzle of Your Mind: Reset Your Mind the Puzzle Way!”

Gayle Dwyer — “Tap Out of Trance for a Mindset Reset: How to Reset Your Mind in Minutes”

Joann Abrahamsen — “Self-Hypnosis Easy as 1, 2, 3: Three Minutes to Change Your Life”

Lauren Hall — “A Modern Approach to Ancient Techniques: Incorporating the Art and Science of Therapies From Around the Globe”

Patrisha Palmer — “Heal the Inner Child: Discover Your Jungian Archetype”

Robert Fried — “The Trance-Formation and the Transition of a Transgender Man: My Journey”

Vicky Santiago — “Sacred Money Archetypes®: Empower Your Practice by Embracing Your Unique Money Blueprint”

Joseph Onesta — “Hunger, Cravings and Emotional Eating: Helping Your Clients Change Their Relationship With Food”

Sharon Jackman — “The Worthiness Code: A 6-Session Journey to Freedom”  

Denise Oatley Hall — “Improv for Hypnotists: Reset your Mindset with Art of Improvisation”

Joni Neidigh — “Develop Effective Hypnotic Suggestions for Athletes Using M.T.A.”

Dr. Bruce Eimer — “What Can You Do For Pain? It’s All Physical … Or Is It?”

Melissa Roth — “Working With Fibromyalgia Clients”


 ✔ Sharon Waxkirsh — “Dealing With What Emerges: The Skills to Deal With the Unexpected”

Dr. Denise Billen-Mejia — “Empower Wellness: Medical Hypnosis Within Scope of Practice”

Sean Michael Andrews — “The Dave Elman Induction for Virtual Hypnotherapy” 

Anamaria Buiculescu — “HypnoYoga and HipnoReiki: The Use of Hypnosis in Spiritual Careers” 

Tim Horn — “The Simpson Protocol”

Roy Hunter — “Spiritual Hypnosis: Accessing Divine Wisdom”

Daniel Ghanimé — “The 4th Dimension of Regression”

Tracy Barrett Adams — “Setting Expectations for Medical Hypnosis: A Fresh Take on Client Solutions”

Jo Moon — “The Best of the Newest Written Resources in Our Field”

Amanda Steadman — “Light Language and Hypnotherapy”

Dr. Linda Ritchie — “Overcoming Insomnia: Cognitive Behavioral and Hypnotic Techniques to Improve Sleep”

Victoria Gallagher — “Mindset Reset: Blending Techniques for Lasting Transformation

Dr. C. Scot Giles Achieving a Mind Reset Through Your Mind-Style: A Scientifically Proven Psychological Aid

Cheryl and Larry Elman — 3rd Annual Elman Legacy Conference Welcome Address

Brenda Gray — “Parallel Universes: The Sequel

Brenda Rhodes — “Unlocking Your Best Self: A Journey of Self-Care, Self-Love and Hypnosis

Caryn Bird — “7 Secrets to Getting More Success With Clients

Dr. Terry McIvor — “The Brain Science Behind Trance: Neuroscience in a Nutshell”

Gabriel Nohra — “Hypnozik: Hypnosis & Music”

Heather Keys and Sarah Clodius — “Boost Your Hypnosis Business With 2 Proven Approaches for Effective Root-Cause Change Work”

Karl Smith — “Behind the Body Armor: Working With Military and Emergency Services”

Mia Turner — “Getting Back to the Basics: Creating an Online Course to Support a Mindset Reset in Your Clients”

Randi Light — “Intuitive-Activation Hypnosis: Strategies, Inductions and Processes For You and Your Clients to Easily Access Your Inner Genius”

Claudia Rickard — “Navigating Dementia With Dignity: A Transformative Journey That Goes Beyond Caregiving”

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas — “Hypnosis for Love”

Nicole Wackernagel — “My Mindset Re-tuning’s Effect On My Business and My Clients”

✔ Eric Willmarth, PhD — “Hypnosis is for the Birds! Famous Resets/ Conversions to Hypnosis

✔ Rob DeGroof — “Unlock Financial Freedom:  Create and Monetize Audio Hypnosis Sessions


Here’s How Your Conference Is Structured Online
for Your Enjoyment and Convenience

  • From the comfort of your home, you’ll have access to 3 simultaneous Zoom meeting rooms. You’ll see the speakers and your fellow attendees. So you get the fun sensation of being in a conference room together — without having to pay the cost of airfare, hotel and meals.

  • On January 19, 20 & 21, 2024, the conference will run LIVE 12 hours daily – from 9 a.m. to 9 pm US Eastern time. This way, no matter where you live in the world, you can enjoy every moment of training.


  • Expert Panel Discussions on important topics such as Medical/Dental Hypnosis; Kids & Teens; Blending Techniques; Grow Your Business; Stage & Demonstrational Hypnosis; Time Travel: Regression.
  • Do you miss networking in the conference hallway, at the bar or in the restaurant? Join us in the Dave Elman Virtual Cafe where many speakers will become your entertaining baristas.




You’ll Get THOUSANDS of Dollars Worth of Training, Motivation and Inspiration You Can Take Action On to Grow a Vibrant Practice


  • 30 Days of Video Streaming of all 90+ conference hours, including instant access to download all audio recordings

  • The opportunity to ask questions of the experts when you attend the conference LIVE

  • A Virtual Conference Bag stuffed with tools, techniques and training materials (Value: $750.00+) 

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  • Lifetime Video Streaming of all 90+ conference hours, including instant access to download all audio recordings

  • The opportunity to ask questions of the experts when you attend the conference LIVE

  • Premium Conference Trunk that includes extra courses, videos, audios, ebooks, memberships and MORE from the Elman Conference speakers (Value: $1,500.00+)

  • Special Speaker Events Throughout 2024 online at the Dave Elman Cafe (Value: $1,200.00)

  • The 2023 Dave Elman Cafe Speaker Series for a limited time ABSOLUTELY FREE — You’ll learn from Sheila Granger, Ron Eslinger, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Jason Linett, Cheryl Elman, Kaz Riley and many more. 

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Imagine How Confident You’re Going to Feel Once
You’ve Learned The Best-of-the-Best New Protocols

Picture yourself on a peaceful Monday morning. 

A mug is warming your hands as you pull up your Google calendar.

And you smile to yourself — because once again you’re booked solid for the next 6 weeks. 

Your reputation has gotten around. And your referrals have spread like wildfire.


Simple. It’s because the hypnosis techniques you use work. And they work fast. 

Clients no longer need to see a therapist and talk about their problems month after month. 

Instead they see you. And in a few sessions, they almost forget what they originally came in for.

Because the freedom they feel now is intoxicating. 

Freedom from discomfort.

Freedom from fear.

Freedom from negative beliefs.

Freedom from doubt. 

And you feel humbled — and filled with joy. Because you get to be the person who guided them there. 

What a privilege it is to be you!

And what an honor it is for us to support you. 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. 

Together, we’ll enjoy a Mindset Reset.  

Yours in Hypnosis Success,

Cheryl and Larry Elman