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The Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute offers both in-person and online hypnosis sessions to people from all walks of life. Our experienced hypnotists can offer help and guidance for a variety of different situations, including those listed below and much more. If you think that hypnosis is right for you and have more questions about the services we offer or want to book a session, contact us today to see how DEHI can help you!

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Confidence and Public Speaking

Do you get uncomfortable at the thought of having to give a speech to a large group of people, even if they are your friends and relatives? Well, believe me, you are not alone! Many people fear public speaking more than anything else in the world. It has been found that over 73% of the population suffers from some form of fear or phobia public speaking or glossophobia, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. However through the power of hypnosis you will become confident and comfortable in your public communications.

Perhaps you just want to brush up for that big wedding speech, or feel more confident in your zoom meetings, whether personal, professional, or community-related. Or maybe you want to improve your overall performance and public speaking skills and finally score that promotion you’ve been after. With new positive suggestions, practice, guidance and support, The Elman Hypnosis Sessions can help you change from the most introverted hermit into a social butterfly.

Hypnosis Henderson
Hypnosis Henderson

Smoking Cessation

If you ask anyone that has ever attempted to quit smoking, they will probably tell you it’s one of the most difficult things they have ever attempted, especially if they have been a regular smoker for many years and thoroughly enjoyed the activity like many smokers do.

However, quitting smoking as soon as possible is also one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family.. Not only does smoking cessation reduce the chance of heart disease, emphysema and many different kinds of cancers along with other smoking-related illnesses, it also helps sharpen your mind, improve your body and focus your spirit.  Being a smoker today can have a social stigma to it and often people find themselves isolating to feed their habit.

Cheryl Elman has helped ease the process of smoking cessation for many of her clients, and would love to help you too! Cheryl was a heavy smoker for seventeen years and after being hypnotized over 30 years ago, she hasn’t touched a cigarette since, and she can assist you in doing the same! Are you ready to throw out those cigarettes and take back control of your life?

Stress, Fear and Phobia Management

Stress is something that affects every person on this planet and is also a foundation for many medical issues. Hypnosis has been proven to be an extremely effective method of stress relief. The skilled hypnotists at DEHI excel in alleviating past and current issues that lead to stress and will teach you self-hypnosis techniques that will continue to provide you with potent release from new stressors and pressures of life.

We will also help you learn to alleviate your fears and self-proclaimed phobias. Have a fear of flying but need to travel for work? Have a fear of heights, but your job is located in a highrise? Fear of dogs?  We all have that one thing that freaks out even the most rational of us, and our client centered Elman methods will work directly with releasing those fears and putting back in control of your life.

Hypnosis Henderson
Hypnosis Henderson

Weight Management Therapy

Weight management is another aspect of your health that hypnosis can provide a solution for. People often look to lose weight, or let’s face it, lose fat. But if you lose it, too often you find it again. How many of you have had that yo-yo effect? 

Unfortunately, I do not have a magic wand, and there is no change without your change. It all starts with your readiness to take action and through our hypnosis program for weight loss, your changes in attitude, old self-talk, motivation to exercise, and increased desire to eat healthy foods that you know are good for you are just some of the foundations for realizing this new lasting lifestyle.

So set a complementary consultation with Cheryl Elman today to see how we can help you achieve your aspirations.

And Much More!