Take Your Seat Among the Legends of Hypnosis at the 2023 Dave Elman Legacy Conference Online!

January 20, 21 & 22, 2023


Evolve Your Skills and Grow Your Practice With Cutting-Edge Techniques

That Boost Your Success and Amp Up Your Confidence

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This may surprise you, but Dave Elman is famous for much more than a brilliant induction.

He was among a select group of experts who pioneered the use of hypnosis in medicine and dentistry. 

More importantly, he demonstrated uncompromising integrity by insisting that his students field test everything he taught them.


Because he was determined to make sure his methods worked as effectively in the treatment room as they did in the classroom. 

Indeed, if there was any way Elman could help more people navigate life pain-free and happy, he felt duty bound to find it. 

Now we’re honored to invite you to make hypnosis history with us once again at the all-new Dave Elman Legacy Conference 2023. 

From the comfort of home, you’ll discover powerful new hypnosis protocols you can put into practice right away — and improve your clients’ lives. 

Together we truly can change the world!

The Dave Elman Legacy Conference 2023: 

“Evolving Hypnosis Together”


Live Online January 20, 21 & 22, 2023

9 am – 9 pm US Eastern Time

Get ready to learn proven, cutting-edge protocols from our industry’s top thought leaders and trainers.

True to Dave Elman’s original mission, they’re each teaching you approaches and techniques you can put to use fast. 

Plus, you’ll get access to the audio of every training for 60 days or better … Absolutely FREE. 🙌

Come learn in a fun, fast-paced environment. 

Then take those tools right into your practice and test them. 

Find out firsthand how well they work.

When your clients benefit, WE ALL WIN.

Meet Your Powerhouse Keynote Speakers

Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar (Spain, Dubai)

“Thousands of Questions Still to Be Answered”

Beryl Comar is the author of HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists. 

Her courses include The Broken Heart Cure, Hypnosis with Kids and Teens, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, EQ Essentials for Hypnotherapists, HypnoDontics, NLP, Hypnosis Certifications and Parts Therapy.  

With Master’s degrees from both the UK and USA, she has worked in Africa and the Middle East as a school principal and university teacher trainer. 

Today she trains globally online. She’s also a trainer for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.

Karen Hand (USA)

“Hypnosis Is B.S. (So Is NLP for That Matter!)”

Karen Hand is an award-winning, board-certified hypnotist and trainer, and an international best-selling author of books like Magic Words and Language Patterns and Trance Dance: The Hypnotic Art of Leading and Following.

Her 30-year career as a Chicago radio personality was the perfect foundation for using language to create thoughts, pictures and emotions in other people. 

Since transitioning into hypnosis in 2005, she has helped thousands of clients take control of their lives. 

She has also trained countless hypnotists and NLPers to help others change for good. And she continues to practice and train globally over Zoom.

larry elman hypnosis

Shelley Stockwell Nicholas (USA)

“Up to Basics! Explore the Nitty Gritty of YOU and the Work You Do”

As founder and president of the International Hypnosis Federation, Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, devotes her life to helping you master a full range of life-enhancing processes and protocols. 

She’s a clinical transpersonal hypnotherapist, trainer, newspaper columnist, spiritual counselor, researcher, and guest lecturer at schools and universities.

She’s also frequently featured on radio, TV and social media. And she’s written 25 books that are used in schools worldwide. 

Scott Sandland (USA)

“Thinking Big: What Else Can We Do With Hypnosis?”

Scott Sandland is a hypnotherapist and founder of HypnoThoughts Live, the largest hypnosis convention in the world, which takes place annually in Las Vegas.  

He’s also the co-founder and CEO of Cyrano.ai, a natural language understanding system that improves human-computer communication.  

Cyrano.ai and Scott are dedicated to building a digital therapist that can be given away freely to every at-risk teen in America. 

Ali Campbell (Scotland)

“Why You Must Take Your Practice Online in 2023 … and How to Do It With Ease”

Ali Campbell is widely known as the UK’s “Life-Fixer” and leading self-help author. 

With 5 international bestsellers to his name, he’s been featured among the top 100 internationally acclaimed self-help authors. His book, Just Get On With It, even outsold the Dalai Lama’s on its release. 

Ali has helped celebrities, rock stars, even royalty stop sabotaging themselves so  they can realize their full potential. And he frequently presents to audiences of more than 1 million people around the world.

Dr. Steve G. Jones (USA)

“How to Make Money Online As a Hypnotherapist: the Importance of Branding, Marketing, Products and Production” 

Steve G. Jones is a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist who’s been practicing since the 1980s. 

He’s authored 25 books on hypnosis, weight loss and other topics. And he’s created more than 9,000 hypnosis audios and 22 online certification programs. 

Dr. Jones was also featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as both a hypnotherapist and as a millionaire.

Dozens of Other Expert Hypnotists
Will Expand Your Skills and Your Client Base!

Lori Hammond — “The 5 Secrets to EFFECTIVE Group Hypnosis Sessions: What If Group Sessions Can Be as Effective as 1:1?”

Barbara Scholl — “Dave Elman Translated for Kids and Teens: HypnoKids® Inductions Insights”

Melissa Roth — “Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief ASAP”

Sean Michael Andrews — “Dealing With Headaches the Dave Elman Way”

Stephanie Conkle — “Elman’s Glove Analgesia: Quickly Elicit Analgesia With the Client in Waking Hypnosis” 

Bob Burns — “Take a Nice Deep Breath and … Do We Really Need to Hypnotize?”

Justine Lette — “The Golden Thread Protocol: The Evolution of Regression”

Phil Hedges — “Silent Hypnosis: A New Way to Create Change”

Richard Nongard — “Use Your Dreams to Unlock Your Subconscious Creativity”

Paula Daoust — “Tapping Your Stories: Enhancing the Change Effort With Your Own Metaphors”

Daniel Ghanime — “Hypnotherapy for a Better Death”

Joseph Onesta — “Hypnotic Weight Loss: A Strategy Shift”

Dr. Brice Lemaire — “Specificity of Elmanian Hypnosis: Understanding Modern Medical Hypnosis”

Tom Nicoli — “How to Avoid Pain and Struggle to Achieve Client and Business Success”

Garry Coles — “Anatomy of a Hypnosis Research Project: How to Carry Out Your Own Academic Research”

Lance Baker — “Releasing Anxiety With Hypnosis: Understanding the Message Behind Anxiety”

Patricia Scott — “Pre-Talk As a Catalyst for Change: Set Your Client UP for Success”

Ron Eslinger — “The Pain-Brain Connection: How to Become an Expert in a Billion Dollar Business”

Brenda Gray — “Parallel Universes: Martial Arts and Hypnosis Training”

Laiz Lima Ricci — “Hypnosis With Kids and Teens: A Fun Way of Getting Great Results” 

Paul Wong — “Resolving High-Achiever Challenges” 

Cheryl and Larry Elman — Hosts and Welcome Address

Brenda Rhodes — “Narcissist Be Gone! Release Issues Related to the Trauma”

Debbie Papadakis — “Regression Therapy: Quickly Find the Root Cause of Any Complex Issue”

Joann Abrahamsen — “A Potpourri of Hypnotic Techniques: Add the WOW Factor to Your Practice”

Grant Murrell — “Hypnotic Body Language: The Subtle Art of Hypnotic Persuasion”

Seth-Deborah Roth — “Using the Elman Induction in Medical Hypnosis”

Kristie Polk — “Growing Through Grief: Sad Panda”



Sheila Granger — “Build an All-Referral Practice in 2023 Regardless of Global Economies”

Albert Bramante — “Hypnosis and NLP for Actors”

Roy Hunter — “Evolution of Parts Therapy: Inner Conflict Resolution”

Andrew Hardwick — “S.A.F.E. M.O.D.E.: Suggestion Affect Feedback Effect Modeling Of Dave Elman”

Sue Peacock — “Becoming a Hypnotic Urinary Incontinence Influencer”

Helen Breward — “Mind Over Menopause: Taking the Heat Out of Menopause”

Kaz Riley The Magical Mrs. Elman: An Unsung Hero in the Elman Legacy”

Shirley McLean — “Virtual Aesthetics: A Beauty Program That’s So Much More” 

Denise Oatley Hall — “If You Did It, You Can Use It”

Eric Banks — “Best Practices for Avoiding Claims and Lawsuits: Do Not Allow a Misstep to Destroy Your Hypnosis Practice”

Turan Mirza — “Presenting Hypnosis at Networking Events with Practical Tips”

Karl Smith — “The Hypnotic Myth: Do You Really Need Hypnosis Inductions”

Amber Cox — “Chronic Pain Management: Learn Fast and Effective Ways to Help Clients Suffering With Chronic Pain”

Christophe Pank — “The Use of the Deep Trance in Auto Hypnosis” 

Stin-Niels Musche — “The Simpson Protocol: The Complete Integrated Protocol for Optimum Outcomes”

Steve Woods — “Hypnosis ‘Fore’ Golf: Get Your Clients in the Zone Every Time”

Bruce Eimer — “Elman’s Contributions to Pain Control Hypnosis: Keeping It Real”

Joachim Lee — “Integrating Elman and Multichannel Eye Movement: Dissolving Trauma and Emotion-Based Issues”

Christophe Dierckx — “Quantum Mind: Flow of Life”

Bruno Tricarico — “The Applied Neuroscience of Hypnosis: How Our Brains Create Our Reality”

Kate Beaven-Marks — “Less Is More When Getting Insight: A Rapid Technique for Any Therapy Setting”

Bruce Eimer — “Elman’s Contributions to Pain Control: Keeping It Real”

Vicky Santiago — “Human Design Hypnosis: Reconnect With Our Authentic Selves”

Luz Villagras Surco — “Conscious Parenting and Hypnosis”

Dr. Benedito Amorim Filho — “Hypnotherapy for Depression Among Adolescents in the Amazon”

Randi Light — “Combine Energy With Hypnosis to Accelerate Energetic/Physical Regeneration”

Giancarlo Russo — “How Did Dave Elman Inspire Me in My Medical Work?”


Jason Linett — “If Dave Elman Ran Your Marketing …”

Jack Chang, L.Ac. — “5 Elements and 6 Healing Sounds for Emotional Balancing: The Power and Resonance of the 5 Elements for Emotional Healing”

Anamaria Buiculescu and Jordi Martinez — “HypnoDontics: Collaboration With Dentists” (in English and Spanish)

Joane Goulding and Natalie Cossar — “The 2-Minute Gift and 10-Second Practice That Create Shifts”

Nicole Dodd — “Get Over Yourself and Just Do It: How I Learned to Become Client-Centered and Overcome Procrastination”

Tracy Barrett Adams — “Integrative Hypnosis for Childbirth: Keys to Prepare Clients for Positive Birth”

Sandra Grace — “Integrative Coaching: Client-Centered Approach to Integrative Protocols”

Claire de la Varre — “Who Knew? Making Hypnotic Pain Management Even More Effective”

Joni Neidigh — “Gold Medal Hypnosis for Teams: How to Structure and Deliver a Dynamic Team Talk”

Wieslaw Rocki, MD, PhD — “Dave Elman’s Teachings Help Me to Be a Better Doctor”

Victoria Gallagher — “Manifestation and Meditation”

Kryssa Marie Bowman — “Quantum Journeys Hypnosis: The Hallway of Answers”

Rob De Groof — “Fast and Powerful Inductions”

Kenda Summers — “How to Develop and Profit From a Stage Hypnosis Career” 

Denise Billen-Mejia, MD — “They Put Their Pants on One Leg At a Time: How to Talk to Doctors About Hypnosis”

Sharon Waxkirsh — “Mental Dental: Your Questions Answered on Dental Hypnosis”

Lauren Hall — “The Future of Hypnotism”

Sheila Henley — “Helping You Find Inner Peace”

David Shepherd — “How to Use the Dave Elman Triple Handshake to Remove Any Problem”

Michael Watson — “Loosening Your Grip: Prerequisites to Transformation”

Amanda Dell’Aquila — “How to Create Amazing Online Hypnosis Classes: The Do’s and Don’ts So You Can Make Money Faster Without the Costly Mistakes”

Tyra-Lee Wilkins — “Subconsciously Heal, Consciously Thrive: Survive the Dark Dad Triad”

Alberto Dell’Isola — “Hypnotic Pain Control: Connecting Methods of Dave Elman and John Sarno”

Cindy Beers — “Media Consumption and Your Mental Health”

Eddy Oduber — “Essentials for Successful Regression Sessions”

Ken Guzzo — “Being the Best Smoking Cessation Specialist!”




Here’s How Your Conference Is Structured Online
for Your Enjoyment and Convenience

  • You’ll have access to 3 simultaneous Zoom meeting rooms. You will be able to view the speakers and the other attendees. This gives you the fun sensation of being in a conference room together — without having to pay the extra cost of airfare, hotel and meals.


  • On January 20, 21 & 22, 2023, the conference will run LIVE 12 hours daily – from 9 a.m. to 9 pm US Eastern time. This way, no matter where you live in the world, you can enjoy every moment of training.


  • Expert Panel Discussions on important topics such as Medical Hypnosis; Kids and Teens; Anxiety, Stress and Trauma; and Future-Proofing Your Business.

  • Do you miss chatting in the conference hallway, or at the bar or restaurant? Join us in the Dave Elman Virtual Cafe where many speakers will become your entertaining baristas.


  • 60 days of streaming access to all the presentation videos … plus the audio recordings.


  • BONUS! Virtual Conference Bag that’s stuffed with tools, techniques and training materials. It’s currently VALUED AT MORE THAN $750.00 and growing!

Get Even MORE VALUE With the Premium Upgrade!

Take your seat at the head of the class with the Premium Upgrade …

And you’ll everything you see above PLUS TONS OF EXTRA BONUSES:

  • Premium Conference Trunk that includes extra courses, videos, audios, ebooks, memberships and MORE from the Elman Conference speakers (Value: $4,297.00)

  • 12 Months of Special Speaker Events online at the Dave Elman Cafe (Value: $1,200.00)

  • Lifetime Video Streaming of all 90+ conference hours, including instant access to download all audio files (Value: PRICELESS)

The investment for this extra $5,497.00+ of value?

Your registration plus additional $99. That’s it!



You’ll Get THOUSANDS of Dollars Worth of Training, Motivation and Inspiration You Can Take Action On to Grow a Vibrant Practice


Your Limited-Time Early-Booking Savings
Starts at $346.00 Only $277 USD!

Each Package Offers a Budget-Friendly Payment Plan

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Imagine How Confident You’re Going to Feel Once
You’ve Learned The Best-of-the-Best New Protocols

Picture yourself on a peaceful Monday morning. 

A mug is warming your hands as you pull up your Google calendar.

And you smile to yourself — because once again you’re booked solid for the next 6 weeks. 

Your reputation has gotten around. And your referrals have spread like wildfire.


Simple. It’s because the hypnosis techniques you use work. And they work fast. 

Clients no longer need to see a therapist and talk about their problems month after month. 

Instead they see you. And in a few sessions, they almost forget what they originally came in for.

Because the freedom they feel now is intoxicating. 

Freedom from pain.

Freedom from fear.

Freedom from anxiety.

Freedom from doubt. 

And you feel humbled — and filled with joy. Because you get to be the person who guided them there. 

What a privilege it is to be you!

And what an honor it is for us to support you. 

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. 

Together, we’ll evolve hypnosis.  

Yours in Hypnosis Success,

Cheryl and Larry Elman