HYPNODONTICS: A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists by BERYL COMAR


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Beryl Comar shares with you how her HYPNODONTICS book came to be born

“I began looking for the published material and found there was little information published for dentists and, in contacting other consulting hypnotists, found that most had dealt with few dental cases. This seemed strange as Dave Elman had trained dentists in the 1960s, and his book “Hypnotherapy” had been studied and used by me for over twelve years. It was my “hypnosis bible” and I had used his techniques for countless dental clients.

I had trained with Gerald Kein, who himself was trained by Dave Elman, and widely recognized as one of the leading instructors of clinical hypnosis. It was only natural that I would turn to him for guidance and I am thankful for his generous advice in reviewing the first drafts and releasing material for inclusion.”

Beryl Comar shares with you a culmination of information as she collaborated with hypnotists globally


Read what these prominent hypnotists have to say about Beryl Comar’s phenomenal book.

“Beryl Comar’s manual for hypnotists and dentists is a very welcome addition to the field, not only including use of hypnosis, but NLP strategies for success also. I recommend it as a must-read as well as inclusion in all hypnosis courses from beginners to advanced.”

Dr William Horton – President NFNLP, The National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Psychology, Authorand Board Certified Hypnotist       Www.nfnlp.com


’Beryl Comar’s new book on Hypnodontics is one you have to read. It is amazing. I wish I had this info 50 years ago. I don’t recommend anything unless I know it is the best of the best. Don’t miss this one.”

Gerald Kein – Author, Trainer, Advisory Board National Guild of Hypnotists        www.omnihypnosis.com


“A must read for practicing hypnotism professionals! Beryl Comar delivers a detailed and thorough approach of using hypnosis in dentistry, in her book Hypnodontics.  As a well-known leader in the profession of hypnotism, Beryl now lends her expertise to her colleagues and dentistry professionals, which in turn will help the general public. Once again Beryl Comar shines as the true professional she continues to prove to be.”

Tom Nicoli – Author, Speaker, Board Certified Hypnotist & Personal Development Coach  www.prosperusa.com


Dave Elman taught dentists, as well as physicians and he and his students would have loved this book!  Beryl’s “Hypnodontics” is rich in content, techniques, and is written in a style guaranteed to retain your interest.  It is a long sought important reference work.  Every time I pick this book up, I find another reason to be greatly impressed – so will you!

H Larry Elman – Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Son of Dave Elman   www.DaveElmanHynosisInstitute.com



How this Book is Organized   (excerpt from the book)

“This book is presented in SIX parts:

The first section for the general reader, examines the historic evolution of dentistry, the development of hypnosis as a surgical pain block as compared to chemical anesthetics, and the place of hypnosis in managed dental care today.

The second section for the consulting hypnotist, details the physiologic, psychological and sociological aspects affecting Hypnodontics, both from a dental practitioner’s and a dental patient’s point of view. We offers suggestions on how to expand into Hypnodontics, how to approach branching into dental anxiety, either exclusively or in supportive conjunction to an existing hypnotherapeutic practice. In “How to Treat the Dentist” examines the stressors dental practitioner face on a daily basis so the Consulting Hypnotist can more empathetically structure a proposal for offering a dentist a sample session.

The third section is for dentist with advice on how s/he can use hypnosis as an everyday tool, for self, staff and patients. It includes recommendations from a dentist who has become a licensed hypnotist and uses hypnosis with her patient as well as those dentists who have referred patients to hypnotists and how they worked together. There is information for those dentists who wish to complete accredited training in hypnosis. Lastly we present the current role of hypnotherapy in the practice of dentistry as a complementary therapy, and our expectations for the future.

Section four is for dentists and hypnotherapists working with children. We describe the growth of teeth from infancy along with some of the concerns of tooth development in growing children. This followed by suggestions for hypnotists and dentists to work with children along with examples and some scripts.

Our fifth section contains case histories from the authors and contributing consulting hypnotists from around the world their contact information can be found in the Appendix

Our sixth section contains some helpful script samples. Always with the caveat that an excellent consulting hypnotist will have more advanced techniques in his or her toolbox (regression to cause, parts therapy among others)

Section Seven contains case histories from hypnotherapists relevant to dental work. In cases where confidentiality needs to be preserved the names of clients has been hanged and the country not named.

In the Appendix the reader will find references and bibliography, a glossary of useful vocabulary as well as a list of specialists around the world who work with hypnosis for dental clients and train certified hypnosis courses.

The objective of this book is to show you how easily Hypnodontics can change dental practice. It will renew approaches to helping people with easily resolved anxieties and habits, and it will invigorate your interest in this fascinating mind science … and it all starts with most basic of uplifting human emotions … the smile – both yours and those of your “fixed” clients and patients!

Whether dentist, consulting hypnotist or patient – We wish you the very best in your new direction!”

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