Dave Elman’s Hobby Lobby: With Commentary by his son H L Elman


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Hobby Lobby was Dave Elman’s very popular prime time radio show from 1937 into
the 1950’s featuring people with unusual hobbies. Hobbyists appeared on the
program to “LOBBY FOR THEIR HOBBY!….explaining their unusaly hobbies to the
studio audience. Dave was very talented in his reflection of what he and the
studio audience saw to the millions of listeners at home. Among the unusual
hobbies which appeared on the show were the lady who taught kangaroos to box,
the man who collected shrunden heads from Amazon head-hunters and many others.
Among the many hobbyists on the two programs on this disc are: the man who
buildcomplex models totally from match sticks, the lady who fries and egg using
liquid air, the man who uses other people’s stationary, the many who collects
totally worthless inventions and several others. This CD contains two radio
shows from the series, and reannounces the birth of his son, H. Larry Elman, CH,
CI in December of 1938. Eleanore Roosevelt Mc’d for Dave Elman several times
when he was in the hospital in 1939. She writes about it in her diary, “My Day”.
Great for your collection or as a gift! This is CD using MP3 format.

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