2024 Elman Premium Upgrade Conference Package


80+ Speakers from 14+ countries.  You will leave the conference with thousands of dollars worth of Hypnosis Education PLUS ongoing programs for the next 12 months. Imagine if you can get all of your Hypnosis TRAINING, EDUCATION, MOTIVATION, and INSPIRATION for one low price.

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2024 Elman Premium Conference Package

Attend one of the largest gatherings of hypnotic professionals…LIVE and ONLINE from ALL AROUND THE WORLD!  Join more than 80 top presenters who are joining together to celebrate the legacy of Dave Elman, a pioneer of modern hypnosis.  You will learn methods for change, strategies to better help others, techniques for self-improvement, real-time networking to get your questions answered, plus the secrets to better grow your hypnosis business. Whether you’re brand new to hypnosis or even an experienced professional, you will learn methods to elevate your skills as a hypnotist.

The Dave Elman Medical Hypnosis Course was attended by thousands of physicians, dentists, and psychiatrists from 1949-1962. Dave devised a rapid induction which he referred to as his ‘3-minute routine’ and is known today as the Dave Elman Induction (D.E.I.). Many schools teach it, many hypnotists use it as their go-to induction because it is highly effective and has worldwide appeal.

January 19,20 and 21st 2024 

SO FAR-  2024 KEYNOTE FEATURED SPEAKERS         (2 more to be determined)

  Richard Nongard  (USA)                          Tom Nicole  (USA)

  Dr Brice Lemaire  (DEHI-France)            Karen (Kaz) Riley  (UK)

You can expect something similar to the following. These are the details from our 2023 Conference below.



Featured Speakers and global presenters will bring the Dave Elman experience alive as it influenced them and look at his work in current terms.  Thus, the evolution of Hypnosis continues as Dave Elman’s ongoing influence is documented today.

Join us and be part of this historic event!

Structure of the Conference:

  • There will be THREE simultaneous Zoom meeting rooms. You can view the speakers and the other attendees creating the sensation of being in a conference room.
  • The conference will go 12 hours daily – from 9 a.m.-9 pm Eastern time.  This way, all countries can attend and enjoy it live for many hours each day without the middle of the night
  • Do you miss the meeting and chatting in the hallway or at the Bar or Restaurant? Connection in the Dave Elman Virtual Cafe where many speakers will become Baristas
  • BONUS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE BAG!    current value of $750+ continuing to grow. This bonus “virtual bag” has great tools and training materials.
  • 30 days of streaming access to all the presentation videos plus audio recordings

Premium Upgrade:

  • BONUS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE BAG’s current value of $750+ continues to grow. This bonus “virtual bag” has great tools and training materials.
  • Lifetime streaming access to all the presentation videos plus audio recordings
  • PREMIUM UPGRADE TRUNK  (valued at $1500), which includes courses, recordings, videos, consultations, live zoom classes, and much more)
  • 12 MONTHS OF SCHEDULED EVENTS AND WEBINARS in the Dave Elman Virtual Cafe



****** Be involved in designing the Conference Theme for 2024