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We are offering a special discounted pre-order price on the Elman Conference recordings FOR CONFIRMED SPEAKERS ONLY! Video will be sent out Late July/Early August

June 11th, 12th and 13th, 2021

9am-9pm EST


Thank for being a part of this historic 3-day Worldwide Zoom Conference!



The Dave Elman Medical Hypnosis Course was attended by thousands of physicians, dentists and psychiatrists from 1949-1962. Dave and Pauline Elman traveled around the US, teaching 10 week courses, until his heart attack in 1962. During this time, an evolution of Dave Elman’s techniques was brought about enhanced by the collaboration of the professionals. The ‘students’ field tested methods as they worked with their patients and would share their successes and failures with the group.   The course material kept evolving.

Dave Elman produced some audio recordings of the classes during the late 1950’s. After his heart attack he was unable to travel but continued to brain-storm techniques with his former students via telephone. In 1964, he published his book, “Findings in Hypnosis” now published as “Hypnotherapy” which is considered one of the classic hypnosis books and is required reading for many hypnosis courses.  Dave devised a rapid induction which he referred to as his ‘3-minute routine’ and is known today as the Dave Elman Induction (D.E.I.). Many schools teach it, many hypnotists use it as their go-to induction because it is highly effective and has world-wide appeal.

The reason for this conference is to celebrate the legacy of Dave Elman and his hypnosis methods and continue to build upon them. Dave and Pauline Elman shared in their works the time of the gatherings of the many medical professionals from across the country (which can now be global through the magic of Zoom). Featured Speakers and global presenters will bring alive the Dave Elman experience as it influenced them and look at his work in current terms.  Thus, the evolution of Hypnosis continues as Dave Elman’s ongoing influence is documented today.

Join us and be part of this historic event!

Structure of the Conference:

  • There will be 3 simultaneous Zoom meeting rooms. You will be able to view the speakers and the other attendees creating the sensation of being in a conference room.
  • Do you miss meeting and chatting in the hallway or at the Bar or Restaurant?   There will be a hospitality room open at all hours where you can visit and chat, with both planned an unplanned activities.
  • Do you have any of your own stories of how Dave Elman’s works influenced you in your career, life or practice? There will be an opportunity for you to share it and be part of continuing and evolving this Legacy.

There are several new innovative ways we are exploring to enhance that person to person experience we miss with online events.

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