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Welcome to the Elman Hypnosis Guestbook where YOU can share your experiences with everything and anything Elman.  So many people have told Larry and Cheryl how Dave Elman’s methods have helped them personally or professionally.

This is your chance to share any methods you have used, how the Dave Elman Induction helped you with confidence,  or perhaps case studies of an anonymous client and the impact Dave Elman techniques had on their results.

We have met thousands of people around the globe at conferences and classes.  You may want to share how we met or add a story (even if it is listening to one of Larry’s stories.) You can share your experience of what class you took with us, what book you read  or video you watched… basically Everything or Anything Elman.  

Thank you for sharing your DEHI Experience!

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3 entries.
Rosie Callaghan Rosie Callaghan wrote on June 13, 2021 at 10:37 pm
Hi Elman community! I use the Elman induction at least 10 times a week at this stage! I start off every session with an instant induction and always follow it with the Elman Rapid Induction! It is a nice gentle approach to getting my clients into a nice Hypnotic trance before the eye lock and they respond quite well to it. I alternate losing numbers with losing letters for somnambulism! I even use the start of the Elman to get myself to sleep most nights! I'm usually asleep by the time I open and close my eyes for the 3rd time! I have had the honour of being trained by Karl Anthony (HypnoSleep speaker - ICH Ireland) and I am sure there are many other Elman techniques that he has taught me that I don't realise they are Elmans! Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for celebrating such a wonderful profession! Long may it continue! Can't wait to watch all the replays! See you next year!
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas wrote on June 2, 2021 at 1:11 pm
Dave Elman, in the 1970s, spoke to me "Shelley" he said, "Listen up; you have within an amazing innate power to thrive." He promoted self-actualization and using the gifts hidden within... Now, Col Larry Elman and Cheryl remind us once again, for the very first time, to use and share these gifts to help others... They pull your legacy... and empower excellency! Thank you!
Cheryl J Elman Cheryl J Elman wrote on May 31, 2021 at 9:46 pm
I want to thank all the people who have made this conference possible. A special shout out to Helena Jehnichen for the hours of doing the catalog and chasing every extra space. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas has spent days worth of time with me re-wording titles to fit in spreadsheets and have impact, and for her guidance. To Karen Hand for our brainstorming together. To all the presenters who have made this possible and for helping to share to your groups thank you. To all the volunteers who will keep the weekend running smoothly. To Evan Martin for running the main conference rooms from Chicago - Thank you so much. To Gleb for the constant updates to the website, great job. To my niece Shayna for giving me the basics of using Google Drive along with a push. Thank you always to Kirk for sharing to my social media. The presenters who have donated products for the raffles and the Virtual Confence bags- Thank you! To Sheila Granger, Jason Linett. Sean Michael Andrews and HansReudi Wipf for your business and conference advice. Thanks to the participants for being part of this and for the years of inspirations. And Denise Oatley- Hall and Lauren Hall thank you both for making me laugh and keeping me on my toes. ....And mostly, A big thank you to my husband, Larry Elman for the inspiration and for making me an Elman. ~ Cheryl Elman