Cheryl Elman CH, CMT. #1 Henderson Hypnotist.

Cheryl is the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute president, a certified consulting hypnotist, and certified master trainer.

Hypnosis Sessions
Cheryl Elman is a very talented hypnotherapist.
If you enjoy mentally, physically and spiritually relaxation techniques….this is the place to go for a very safe, peaceful and loving meditation under the guidance of a loving and talented professional. I give Cheryl thumbs A+

I believe that Hypnotherapy is a prayerful meditative state where you are safe, protected and able to tap into deep blockages which remove the barriers which prevent you from being the best you can be in this lifetime.
Blessings to you all!

Female Client, Groupon

Cheryl Elman, CH, CMT

Leading Communities Through Hypnosis Education
and Personal Empowerment Hypnosis


President, Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute